The Airvance Group continues its development by purchasing shares in Pando2 | Airvance

The Airvance Group is continuing its development strategy for air quality solutions, purchasing a stake in the company Pando2, which has now raised €1M in funds.

As an expert in air diffusion and handling, the Airvance Group works to protect the safety and wellbeing of all, both at home and in their places of work. Indoor air quality is therefore naturally at the heart of the Airvance Group strategy. Since air quality is invisible to the naked eye, monitoring it is a major component of any ventilation system. Controlling the indoor environment ensures a building is a healthy place for its occupants, whilst optimising the operation of the ventilation equipment and reducing energy costs. The Airvance Group already has a broad offering of solutions to guarantee good air quality (sensors, controllers, filters, purifiers, and more). Purchasing a stake in Pando2 will enable the Airvance Group to enrich this offering with an intuitive, connected monitoring solution, which will be sold in Europe by the Airvance Group’s subsidiaries.

Eventually, the Airvance Group hopes to be able to connect all of its equipment and offer automated control solutions for the building and for air quality.

Based in Paris, Pando2 has been developing the technological foundations which will make continuous, real-time air quality supervision a reality since 2018. Pando2 offers indoor and outdoor air quality feedback and analysis services, in the form of a SaaS platform with stakeholders from the tertiary real estate sector and local authorities. The startup has demonstrated its ability to commercialise its offerings with the deployment of more than 3000 sensors fitted within 300 establishments in five European countries. Furthermore, Pando2 is the only platform capable of integrating almost all of the sensors available on the market, and to combine both indoor air quality and outdoor air quality. The Pando2 platform is fully configurable, and can calculate a number of different indicators (confinement, presence, sealing of the envelope, transfer of pollution, etc.), offering automated tracking of occupants’ exposure to pollutants, and sending alerts and recommendations in real time if thresholds are exceeded, along with monitoring of the ventilation systems.

Laurent Dolbeau (CEO of the Airvance Group)

“Pando2 won us over with its ease of use and the advanced technology used by its digital platform. Through this holding, the Airvance Group is bolstering its smart building solutions with new services allowing the best indoor air quality level to be guaranteed in living spaces.”

Jean-Gabriel Winkler (Founder of Pando2)

“We are delighted with this strategic approach and the opportunity to join forces with a European industrial leader in the design and distribution of air handling systems. This joining of forces will enable us to speed up our development and to provide an integrated offering, making a combination of good air quality and energy efficiency available to all.”

The dovetailing strategies of the two companies, combined with their overlapping geographical locations, and complementary technical expertise, clearly demonstrate the value in this joint venture.

Pando 2
Real-time tracking of air quality parameters (humidity, PM10, PM1, CO2, PM2.5, temperature, VOCs),
with colours used to immediately visualise the ambient air quality.

Pando2 is a company with a clear mission, a software publisher dedicated to monitoring and managing indoor and outdoor air quality. The application provides interoperable, custom supervision enabling comprehension of all of the factors involved via the integration of almost all of the air quality sensors available on the market, open data (pollutant and pollen concentrations, weather forecasts and conditions), and sensors and probes as part of smart building solutions.

All of this information is adapted and ergonomically summarised on the application, which offers advanced analysis services, including the generation of automatic reports, sending of alerts and recommendations, and monitoring of chronic and acute exposure of the occupants of the monitored building. Pando2 sells its solution as SaaS, and also offers its customers tailored features such as the monitoring of ventilation systems, the development of public pages accessible by scanning a QR code, the display of the air quality on street furniture, and services such as air quality diagnostics and the creation of action plans.