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Innovation & energy performance

Creation and innovation are the forces driving our development.

High performance

The Airvance Group is constantly innovating, launching cutting-edge products onto the market each year.

Our highly energy efficient systems are designed to guarantee reduced energy consumption whilst improving the comfort of occupants and the indoor air quality. Innovation also enables us to offer more attractive solutions which not only comply with the increasingly strict regulatory constraints but which also, ultimately, serve to reduce a building’s environmental impact.

Comfort is a performance criterion. Each new solution is carefully studied to manage air speeds, temperature gradients, a reduction in the noise level, or integration into the architecture. These factors all help guarantee the comfort of occupants, the ultimate aim of any air handling system.

Our intent is to consistently give building professionals the means to control energy consumption.

Complete control of energy consumption is the aim

The engineers at Airvance are constantly developing powerful solutions which recover energy, use renewable energy, adjust consumption according to actual requirements and which ultimately improve the indoor air quality of buildings.


Supply air outlet with integrated filter and removable deflector, for treating indoor air quality

This supply air outlet incorporates an air stream deflection plate which not only gives the product a unique and elegant design, but also serves to distribute the air stream for an amplified Coanda effect.

Thanks to its acoustic treatment, the diffuser operates using a wide range of airflow rates without causing any noise or hissing of air. The acoustic foam absorbs some of the noise generated by the diffuser.

Because indoor air quality affects health and comfort, a filter can be fitted to the sleeve to trap fine particles and pollen.
The two deflectors, supplied factory-fitted, allow the direction of the air jet to be adjusted on site. The modular nature of the supply air flow (in two to four directions) enables you to adjust the air diffusion according to your actual needs.

The climatic block for cooling and heating

Intelligent comfort

This solution finds its inspiration in the word “hybrid”, and combines several techniques including sound absorption, heat/cold transfer by radiation. The climate island is a solution that can both cool and heat, and also controls the air supply while providing perfect acoustic comfort. All these properties can be found in a single module with a total height of only 85 mm!

  • Construction height of 85 mm
  • Equipped with an integrated air supply
  • Homogeneous distribution of air over the entire length
  • Solution for new construction and renovation projects
  • High sound absorption effect
  • No moving parts with the advantage of an almost unlimited life span
  • Low maintenance

Filtering ceiling for professional kitchens with automatic cleaning system for filters

or how to combine performance, features and design

This filtering ceiling provides optimal capture and comfort, fully integrated into the kitchen.

It is an all-in-one product for capture, compensation, lighting and maintenance in the kitchen.

Its custom design allows for a certain amount of modulation of the kitchen, whilst maintaining the high level of pollutant capture.

It creates a bright, open workspace for maximum comfort in the kitchen.

Air vector heating with filtration of pollen and fine particles

The new air vector heating and cooling system improves the indoor air quality of collective housing.

Perfectly suited to modern, highly insulated buildings, this system diffuses a gentle, uniform heat throughout the apartment, using a network of ducts within a suspended ceiling and diffusers, without inertia, thereby avoiding the need to fit radiators on the walls.

A complete solution offering purification scenario programming, depending on the outdoor pollution levels, which can trap up to 85% of fine particles in each cycle.

The advanced features can be controlled intuitively, making occupants’ daily lives easier.

Intelligent ventilation unit to combine optimal comfort and ideal energy consumption in a building bearing the collective housing label

The CERA (Central Energy Recovery Air flow) is a total ventilation concept designed for buildings of stacked dwellings. The primary system recovers heat from the central air handling unit and keeps the static duct pressures to a minimum. Air balance is achieved by measuring the supply air in the apartments and controlling the return air accordingly. The CERA system: a very energy-efficient ventilation system that will contribute to the certification of your green building.

A very high performance multi-source renewable energy DHW/heating system

or how to use renewable energy sources to heat water 

A modular solution, designed for the collective production of domestic hot water or heating, which uses the unavoidable and renewable energy sources of a site such as the recovery of energy from the extracted air flow and/or waste water (showers, washing machines, dishwashers) and/or solar energy.

Designed for the new multi-family housing market and the tertiary sector, this solution is characterized by its very high environmental performance.
By using only the energy sources available on the site and significantly reducing the consumption of primary energy sources, this system proves to be one of the best solutions for positive energy buildings (energy level 3 of the E+C label – Low Carbon Positive Energy, i.e. a 60% reduction compared to the thresholds of the French energy efficiency standard RT 2012). In addition, it is a low CO2 emission solution that allows to reach the carbon level 2 of the E+C- label.

This system also won an ADEME call for tenders for the project “en route to responsible buildings by 2020”.


Constant innovation

Heat recovery system for professional kitchens

System for recovering energy using a plate exchanger
(air/air, Eurovent certified). Embedded CMS control to be combined with fans or air treatment units for supply and extraction.

Invisible linear diffuser for staff plaster ceiling

Its design is discreetly elegant, ideal to be perfectly integrated in a suspended ceiling. It can be fully integrated into a suspended ceiling for applications where visual and air stream comfort are essential criteria.

Fan diffuser module with recycling for hospitals

A single diffuser unit for healthcare establishments with risk level 2 or 3 rooms. It is used to recycle up to 100% of the supply air thanks to its ventilation unit.

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The Airvance Group designs and distributes air handling systems for buildings. Established in February 2020, the Airvance Group was formed from the merger of two groups: The France Air group and the HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) division of the SIG Group plc. As a designer, manufacturer and distributor, the Airvance Group plays it part in creating a healthy and safe environment where air quality and comfort are firmly established.

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