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Our business sectors

We offer air handling solutions for tertiary buildings, the residential market, professional kitchens, healthcare establishments, industrial clean rooms and for industry.

Office building/Tertiary

High performance, adaptable global solutions for tertiary buildings

The Airvance Group has the professional technical solutions and expertise to support building specialists in their tertiary building design projects. Building energy performance is one of the main challenges at the heart of our priorities. We help our customers to reduce their energy consumption while improving the comfort, safety, and indoor air quality of their projects. Because show venues, schools, offices, hotels, commercial agencies and medical practices face different constraints, we offer the widest range on the market with solutions suited to every type of building.

The Airvance Group offers technical solutions which are adapted and customised to all parties involved in a project:

  • customers: climate control engineering installers, building professionals, plumbers, tradesmen, electricians, heating engineers, kitchen designers.
  • expert channels : fluid technical design offices, project owners, contractors and architects.


Innovative solutions to reduce consumption, guarantee the occupant comfort and indoor air quality.

In the residential sector, the Airvance Group offers specialised solutions in the field of ventilation, heating, and domestic hot water production and indoor air quality. Our expertise has enabled us to develop new products and services designed for stakeholders in the new and renovated housing market in the public or private sector.

  • Collective housing:

We offer support to our customers and expert channels in their projects on new and renovated housing schemes. Our teams liaise with all players in the collective housing market: design offices, installers, and even public or private project owners. We are fully committed to a policy of technical innovation aimed at those involved in the housing market.

  • Individual homes:

In terms of individual homes, the aspects to be taken into account include acoustic comfort, thermal comfort and energy consumption. The Airvance Group offers a range of different solutions to improve the indoor ventilation in a home, and to ensure individual residences are heated and cooled for comfort. The products are tailored to the type of building: new, or renovated with a view to supporting sustainable development.

Professional kitchens

Technological innovation and expertise dedicated to improving energy efficiency and comfort.

We have been manufacturing and distributing specially designed solutions for professional kitchens for over 45 years.

Our ambition has always been to guarantee user comfort and the quality and energy performance of our products and solutions while integrating all the installers’ constraints. Our expertise, which is unique in the marketplace, enables us to offer our customers a full range of technical solutions for commercial catering (e.g. restaurants, brasseries, fast-food establishments) or collective catering (e.g. catering in hospitals, clinics, prisons, nursing homes, schools, colleges).

We offer our customers and expert channels all capture methods for the food service industry: from traditional hood systems to filtering ceiling systems with built-in filter cleaning, and even energy recovery systems.

The Airvance Group is an ISO 9001-certified company. We guarantee our customers user comfort at the best prices.


Hospital hygiene

We protect people (patients) and ensure staff comfort in hospital settings.

In healthcare establishments, carrying out activities (particulate, microbiological or chemical)which are highly sensitive to contamination. These various types of contamination must be taken very carefully into account in their design (studies, sizing), their construction (structural work) and their use (maintenance). Two requirements therefore apply:

  • Offering maximum protection to people (patients and healthcare staff) against nosocomial infections, as well as protecting equipment or products that may subsequently come into contact with patients.
  • Ensuring the comfort of “users”: absence of air currents and ensuring acoustic comfort are some of the requirements of surgical teams who are sometimes required to remain focussed for several hours in the same operating theatre.
  • Our expertise lies in our ability to purify the environment of the various pollutants emitted by personnel or processes on site and/or from outdoor areas. This involves diffusing clean air and continually evacuating the contamination away from the area to be protected. Our scientific department of experts enables us to offer our customers a range of comprehensive solutions and unique expertise in hospital hygiene.  Our experts can offer you advice and support throughout your project.

    Our R&D department has always been a source of innovation thanks to its skills, knowledge and understanding of hospital-related needs.

Industrial clean rooms

Air quality is paramount in the fight against any kind of contamination.

For numerous industrial sectors, air quality is a key part of the processes and creating clean rooms or areas ensures that manufactured products, staff and the environment are protected from the risk of particulate or microbiological contamination.

Over the last fifteen years, our department specialising in industrial clean rooms has developed unique expertise in the sector focussing on air handling in clean environments.

To guarantee that your projects are a complete success, we offer you advice and provide you with solutions specifically tailored to your requirements. Our support and site coordination service guarantees you a quality installation that works perfectly.

As a member of ASPEC (French association for the prevention and study of contamination), the Airvance Group is involved in drafting standards and is part of the working groups tasked with creating dust-controlled environment guides.

Our air handling solutions meet the requirements of the agri-food industry, the healthcare industry (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals), the space industry, as well as sectors such as plastics processing, automotive, optics and even mechanics.



Controlling the indoor air quality to boost companies’ competitiveness.


Thanks to our renowned expertise and skills in air handling and pollution control of ambient air, we enables our customers to boost their competitiveness and performance thanks to our strict compliance with European standards. The challenge for industries is to reduce their energy consumption, and to improve the quality of their processes and the products which they manufacture. We invest all our energy in providing solutions specifically dedicated to all types of industry.

  • Automotive: the automotive industry includes a wide range of professional skills and specialisations. Across the entire production chain, air handling installations must maintain a thermal environment suited to workers’ activities, while ensuring optimal air quality, despite a large number of sources of pollution.
  • Woodworking industry: wood is central to the activity of numerous sectors, within which it constitutes an essential raw material: paper manufacture, sawing, carpentry, cabinetmaking etc. After felling the trees, the first timber processing operations are carried out in sawmills, which supply the workshops responsible for secondary processing operations. Before any processing, it is essential to minimise the moisture content of the wood to benefit from a flawless finished product. Our solutions meet these requirements perfectly, as well as the requirements in terms of capture devices and pressurised suction network devices, which must be designed using ATEX-certified equipment.
  • Warehouses: air handling in warehouses and logistics platforms raises delicate issues. The design and the use of such buildings requires the implementation of specific solutions, tailored to the individual project. We offer global solutions for warehouses, to ensure a suitable temperature and to meet operational requirements in all specific areas.
    • Warehouses requiring heating and warehouses which are not subject to authorisations
    • Specific areas and premises, warehouses which are subject to authorisations.
    • Specific areas and premises, battery-charging stations.
    • Specific areas and premises, cold rooms.
  • Metalworking: metalworking includes several trades, each with different requirements and constraints in terms of air flow. Solutions from the Airvance Group provide an appropriate response tailored to each of these requirements to ensure optimal working conditions for employees while guaranteeing the final quality of the products. Ventilation must:
  • Compensate for the very high levels of heat generated by furnaces.
  • Regulate the fresh air intake depending on the heat generated by the furnaces taking into account the external conditions (possibility of free-cooling)..
  • Trap and evacuate any fumes which might escape when the furnace doors are opened.
  • Avoid the stagnation of residual fumes, under the roof, which could lead to corrosion.
    • Our business engineers will support you in designing and completing your air handling projects in the metalworking sector.

    • Transport: the transport sector (by sea, rail or air) spans a wide range of professional skills and specialisations. Metalworking, plastics processing and composite material work occupy an important place in production processes and the constraints inherent in each of these activities must be taken into account in the implementation of suitable air handling equipment. Our solutions can:
      • Ensure an appropriate temperature in buildings with high ceilings..
      • Trap pollutants emitted during machining, welding, sanding and painting operations.
      • Limit pollution in working environments even where these are largely open to the outdoors.
    • Paper industry: the paper industry combines stationery and printing. However, these trades both have their own individual constraints and specific requirements in terms of air handling. At the Airvance Group, we use our expertise to provide appropriate solutions for both these specialist areas, while guaranteeing the final quality of the product and optimal working conditions for staff. Our solutions can be used to control humidity levels, ensure an appropriate temperature, and trap residual fumes etc.

    Our references around the world

    THE EDGE Amsterdam

    The Edge sheds new light on real estate in the future: buildings that generate more energy than they consume.

    Car park ventilation - Diffusion

    Institut Le Cordon Bleu Paris

    The world's first global network of institutes dedicated to the culinary arts and hotel management is equipped with kitchen hoods from the Airvance Group.

    Plafond filtrant cuisine

    White City BBC - Londres

    White City Place is a business centre with 52,000 m² of renovated offices and 4000 m² of shops and restaurants.

    Rectangular VAV unit

    Centre Léon Berard Lyon

    Located in Lyons (France), the Centre Léon Bérard is a specialist oncology hospital, fitted out with equipment from the Airvance Group.

    Operating theatre filtering ceiling

    Mapletree Business City, Singapore

    MBC has been designed to meet the strictest environmental standards and has received the highest level of Green Mark certification.

    Air displacement diffusers


    The Saudi Electricity Company HQ is destined to become a landmark in the development of the architectural history of Riyadh.

    VAV induction Plug & Play unit

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