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Air Distribution, Diffusion & Insulation

Are aesthetics and performance at the heart of your architectural projects? We develop innovative air diffusion solutions for the most technical projects. We think that comfort, integration, design and air quality are now essential criteria in buildings. Our wide ranges meet all your requirements.

Linear diffusers and diffusion grilles

Supply air or return air grilles for walls, floors, ceilings or ducts.

 Linear diffusers with customised slats for all tertiary projects.


Industrial thermal insulation and HVAC engineering

Control valves and ducts

Air distribution accessories designed for energy-saving ventilation systems.

Complete networks with seals or notches.

Ventilation & Fire Protection

Product ranges designed to fit to the configurations of your buildings. Whether you need ventilation via a circular or rectangular duct, air extraction, smoke extraction or flow rate control, we work hard to offer you the most powerful systems which comply with current regulations.


CSupply or return air ventilation casing fans for tertiary and industrial buildings.

MCV for collective housing buildings.

Smoke extraction and ventilation towers

Extraction for professional kitchens

Roof extraction for tertiary buildings, industrial buildings and car parks.

Fire protection

Fire and smoke protection valves with low pressure losses.

Smoke extraction dampers and fans for public access buildings.

Relay boxes for monitoring safety.

Heat recovery & Air handling units

We design and develop comprehensive energy recovery unit ranges to suit all your building configurations. Our entire range of powerful dual-flow recovery units has been designed to respond to the energy-related challenges in tertiary buildings. Compliance with the Thermal Regulation and related labels require optimisation of the whole design of the building and its equipment.

Air handling units

Customised units to provide users with a specific level of comfort and optimal indoor air quality.

Air handling units specifically designed for hospital hygiene.

Heat recovery units

Standardised Plug & Play units with built-in control system.

Suspended ceiling, horizontal, vertical and wall-mounted configurations.

Heating/Climate control & Heat pumps

Radiant heating, destratifiers and air curtains

Air-to-water/water-to-water heat pumps, chillers and fan coils.

Fan coils with centrifugal fans, DX air-conditioning unit with remote condenser, fan coils (ducted)

Professional kitchens & Filtration

The Airvance Group offers complete product ranges for professional kitchens (sensors, extractors, compensation units and controls, and odour, grease and smoke treatment solutions).

Our high-quality products are the fruit of our professionalism in the industry so that we can always offer our customers products which best meet their needs. There are three objectives for our air handling and filtration solutions specifically designed for hospital settings, and at-risk zones in particular: to guarantee hygiene and prevent the risk of nosocomial infections in operating theatres while providing a comfortable work environment for the surgical team, while reducing energy consumption and optimising the utilisation rate of operating theatres thanks to solutions which enable the level of risk for each room to be adjusted therefore adapting to the operations to be performed.

Hospital hygiene & Filtration

Ventilation and diffusion ceilings offering a high level of recycling.

Filtering ceilings for operating theatres, directed flow diffusers.

High-flow filtration units.

Full range of filters.

Professional kitchens

Complete solutions for professional kitchens.

Filtering ceilings, hoods which comply with European standards, high-efficiency hoods.

Heat recovery units, odour and grease treatment solutions, ventilation systems, etc.

Our references around the world

THE EDGE Amsterdam

The Edge sheds new light on real estate in the future: buildings that generate more energy than they consume.

Car park ventilation - Diffusion

Institut Le Cordon Bleu Paris

The world's first global network of institutes dedicated to the culinary arts and hotel management is equipped with kitchen hoods from the Airvance Group.

Plafond filtrant cuisine

White City BBC - Londres

White City Place is a business centre with 52,000 m² of renovated offices and 4000 m² of shops and restaurants.

Rectangular VAV unit

Centre Léon Berard Lyon

Located in Lyons (France), the Centre Léon Bérard is a specialist oncology hospital, fitted out with equipment from the Airvance Group.

Operating theatre filtering ceiling

Mapletree Business City, Singapore

MBC has been designed to meet the strictest environmental standards and has received the highest level of Green Mark certification.

Air displacement diffusers


The Saudi Electricity Company HQ is destined to become a landmark in the development of the architectural history of Riyadh.

VAV induction Plug & Play unit

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About the Airvance Group

The Airvance Group designs and distributes air handling systems for buildings. Established in February 2020, the Airvance Group was formed from the merger of two groups: The France Air group and the HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) division of the SIG Group plc. As a designer, manufacturer and distributor, the Airvance Group plays it part in creating a healthy and safe environment where air quality and comfort are firmly established.

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