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Our Values

The Airvance Group aims to use strong values to unite all men and women that wish to share in them, and be part of the company’s success.

Valuing People

People are the Group’s greatest asset.

Economic performance

Quality as a core value.

Our employees are the Airvance Group’s greatest asset

For 60 years, we have designed and distributed ventilation products and solutions to treat, purify, heat and cool our indoor air while respecting the environment.

Our family business has always considered “the human” as one of the essential values ​​to ensure its development.
This value continues to guide our Group, which has become the European leader in ventilation, oriented towards innovation, with a special interest in the well-being and development of our employees by embodying our “A Good Place to Breathe” program.

With you, we want to continue to serve our customers from sectors as varied as those of industry, tertiary buildings, health establishments, professional kitchens, collective housing, etc.

Join our great human, collective and European adventure.

Our focus

As a designer, manufacturer and distributor, the Airvance Group plays it part in creating a healthy and safe environment where air quality and comfort are firmly established.

The Airvance Group works hard every day to optimise the efficacy and performance of its products and solutions, while taking into account the changes which are shaping and transforming the world: climate changes, pandemics, societal changes, mobility, digitalisation, connectivity, new generations, etc.

In the Airvance Group, we rely on our R&D teams to boost our capacity for innovation to keep on pushing the boundaries and finding functional solutions which are continually tailored to the needs of the building industry.

Our values


Gender equality has been the focus of a global action plan.
The Airvance Group, a company which employs over 1800 staff, is committed to pursuing its corporate responsibility policy and to taking the necessary actions in conjunction with its business partners to improve the gender equality index for the future.


People are the Airvance Group’s greatest asset. Our company looks to ensure that employees are fulfilled and achieve their aspirations. The Airvance Group bases its relationships with its employees on mutual respect and tolerance, mutual recognition and mutual trust, responsibility, and creative freedom. Progress and performance can only result from work undertaken as part of a group formed of men and women who are united, responsible and capable.


We want to be the leading design and distribution company in our field of aeraulics. To this end, we make quality a fundamental value: the quality of our customer service, the quality of our products, and the quality of our organisation. Profit, in line with a dynamic and ambitious strategy, is essential to the development and survival of the Group.

About Airvance Group


The Airvance Group is dedicated to comfort, air quality and building performance.

We design and distribute systems and solutions for air handling, ventilation, heating and domestic hot water to ensure the well-being and safety of people in their living spaces.

Our customers are HVAC installers, heating engineers, plumbers, electricians, kitchen designers, property developers and, more generally, all building professionals working in the field of air handling.

Our references around the world

THE EDGE Amsterdam

The Edge sheds new light on real estate in the future: buildings that generate more energy than they consume.

Car park ventilation - Diffusion

Institut Le Cordon Bleu Paris

The world's first global network of institutes dedicated to the culinary arts and hotel management is equipped with kitchen hoods from the Airvance Group.

Plafond filtrant cuisine

White City BBC - Londres

White City Place is a business centre with 52,000 m² of renovated offices and 4000 m² of shops and restaurants.

Rectangular VAV unit

Centre Léon Berard Lyon

Located in Lyons (France), the Centre Léon Bérard is a specialist oncology hospital, fitted out with equipment from the Airvance Group.

Operating theatre filtering ceiling

Mapletree Business City, Singapore

MBC has been designed to meet the strictest environmental standards and has received the highest level of Green Mark certification.

Air displacement diffusers


The Saudi Electricity Company HQ is destined to become a landmark in the development of the architectural history of Riyadh.

VAV induction Plug & Play unit

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Airvance Group

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About the Airvance Group

The Airvance Group designs and distributes air handling systems for buildings. Established in February 2020, the Airvance Group was formed from the merger of two groups: The France Air group and the HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) division of the SIG Group plc. As a designer, manufacturer and distributor, the Airvance Group plays it part in creating a healthy and safe environment where air quality and comfort are firmly established.

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