AIR2TRUST, a ventilation product distributor in denmark, joins airvance group and embarks on new ambitions | Airvance

 AIR2TRUST, a ventilation product distributor in denmark, joins airvance group and embarks on new ambitions

AIR2TRUST, a distributor of ventilation products for buildings based in Denmark, has signed an agreement to transfer the majority of its ownership to AIRVANCE GROUP, whose operational headquarters are located in Lyon, France. AIRVANCE GROUP shares the same core business: ventilation for energy efficiency and indoor air quality in residential and commercial buildings.

ROKAFLEX GmbH (a part of the VENTO group) sells all of its shares, and Kent Bøje, co-owner of AIR2TRUST, sells a portion of his shares and will continue to lead the company as CEO and shareholder alongside AIRVANCE GROUP.

Laurent Dolbeau (CEO of Airvance Group): “This acquisition aligns with our strategy for geographical expansion, establishing the group’s presence now in 14 European countries, including Denmark.
I am delighted to welcome AIR2TRUST, led by its CEO Kent Bøje and his team, into the Airvance Group family.”

Kent Bøje (Shareholder and CEO of AIR2TRUST): “The extensive product portfolio of AIRVANCE GROUP brings new opportunities for AIR2TRUST’s development with both existing clients and prospects. I am excited to carry forward this new value creation plan under the AIR2TRUST banner within the Airvance Group family.”


AIRVANCE GROUP is an expert in ventilation, air treatment, and indoor air quality for buildings. With a turnover of over €571 million in 2022 and a workforce of 1,800 people, Airvance Group is a major player in the European air treatment market. Airvance Group operates in 13 countries through its network of subsidiaries and export activities in over 50 countries.

Airvance Group distributes the brands France Air, CAIROX, and Sufix. The products marketed are designed to ensure comfort and indoor air quality in individual and collective housing, commercial buildings, hospitals, clean rooms, and industrial settings. The product range encompasses ventilation, energy recovery, air treatment, distribution, diffusion, fire protection, filtration, air conditioning, heating, and the insulation of air duct systems.

AIR2TRUST is an expert in ventilation and indoor air treatment products for buildings. Founded in 2007, the company is based in center of Denmark in Aarhus. Its revenue for the fiscal year ending in 22/23 was €7 m€.


[Press Release – September 25th, 2023]